How to win friends and influence your professors

Win Friends Influence Professors, I’ve been reading Dale Carnegie’s famous “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” My father and ex had told me to read it forever ago, and now I realize why. The book is amazing, and it offers amazing advice.

How to Win Friends and Influence People” is the perfect book for anyone looking to climb the social ladder in college or get a good grade in their online or offline class. Below is a list of lessons the book taught me.

1. Don’t complain or criticize.

This one is first because it is immensely important. If you want to make someone like you then don’t criticize them or complain about stuff they do. Who wants to hear somebody complaining all the time (especially when the complaints are about them)?

2. Admit when you’re wrong (even if you aren’t).

“I am so sorry. I’ve made a mistake.”

I said this the other day when I had honestly made a mistake. Before I said it the other person was transparently annoyed with me. After I said they were extremely pleased with me, and were even smiling by the end of the conversation.

3. Be a good conversationalist.

Being a good conversationalist means asking the other person to talk about themselves. What are their interests? Get them to talk about what their interested in, and they will think you are the most interesting person in the world – or at least the room.

4. Smile.

This one’s simple. Smiles make people feel welcome. There really isn’t anything a smile cannot get you out of – unless it’s a sarcastic one of course.

5. Respect other’s opinions. Never say “you’re wrong.”

Never tell another person they’re wrong. First and foremost this will make them defensive. Secondly, this will create an argument or debate and even if you “win” you don’t because now they are annoyed with you for proving them wrong.