Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

If you have any concerns with our policies, please get in touch with our customer service – which is available 24 hours a day. However, our Privacy Policy aims to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal as well as confidential information.

All and above, the Online Classes Helper team must ensure that all of the customers read and deeply understand our Privacy Policy before finalizing any order, otherwise we will not be answerable for user misinterpretations or misperceptions regarding our policy.

However, we have great ways to keep the privacy of our customer’s information and records. For that reason, it is strongly acclaimed that customers provide the right identity, email address along password.

Furthermore, we are pleased to keep and secure the data brought to us by means of all of our clients, except required by Law actions.

By using website cookies, we are supposed to store the IP address and content that our customers view most on our website to improve the viewer experience.

Additionally, we have a convenient way to store data about our users. However, while a crucial and critical info is sent, we are considered to alert customers by phone, text message, or email.

On the other hand, to obtain your own personal information as well as data, the customer should send a request to our Legal Department to proceed. However, our Legal Department then even asks security questions to the data owner to provide safe and sound services.