Fair Usage Policy

Fair Use Policy for Our Services:

At Online Classes Helper, our expert’s materials are strictly intended for research and study purposes and
should not be forwarded as final projects. We unequivocally discourage any form of plagiarism or
academic dishonesty. Our primary focus is on providing assistance for exam preparation through the use
of past papers and topic-specific lecture materials. However, we do not offer direct exam assistance.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Our commitment is to offer students high-quality academic support, all while maintaining a respectful
    relationship with our clients. We have established a set of guidelines for all customers to ensure the best
    possible service. Here are our official terms and conditions:
    The customer is responsible for providing us access by sharing login credentials via methods
    such as text messages, the Duo Push app, or email forwarding. Failure to do so absolves us of
    responsibility for any issues arising from the lack of access to required course materials.
  2. Prior to submitting any work with a tight deadline, customers must seek the consultant’s
    approval to allow time for a comprehensive review after the order is received.
  3. Our company cannot be held responsible for any physical or academic institution-related
    submissions, including in-person appearances, video, audio, photos, or similar requirements.
  4. We will not be held accountable if the customer misses an exam due to reasons such as
    improper equipment, inadequate internet speed (minimum 50Mbps), failure to provide
    necessary information to the institution (e.g., login credentials, course materials), or neglecting
    to submit required work or documents to the institution.
  5. Technical issues, whether related to phones, electronic devices, hardware, software, networks,
    the internet, email, or computers, that occur before or during the exam are not within the
    company’s purview; we solely focus on exam preparation.
  6. Even when traveling, customers must maintain communication with our customer support team
    to stay updated and monitor progress.
  7. Orders placed on Fridays or weekends will not be completed before Monday, unless a consultant
    confirms that there are no urgent deadlines to meet.
  8. If a textbook is required for the course, the customer must secure a softcopy or electronic
    version and share it with us. If the book is available online, we can procure it on behalf of the
    client, with associated fees. In cases where the book is only available in print, the customer must
    provide images of specific pages upon the expert’s request. The company will not be held
    responsible if assignment materials fall short due to the unavailability of the required textbook.