Ways to Make a Good Impression in an Online Course

I have taken a lot of online classes in my day; and so, I’ve seen my fair share of what not to do in an online class. Some people just want to argue while others spell lik dis. While an online discussion board is the place to have hot debate, it is not the place to gang up on fellow classmates, Online Course Impressions

As for spelling, remember your professor reads your posts, and if you spell worse than a kindergartener then, well, that just isn’t going to look good.

Just because your class is online doesn’t mean you cannot make a killer impression on your professor and even your classmates. Below is a list of ways to make a stellar impression in your online class.

Be interested and interesting

The easiest way to be interesting is to be genuinely interested in other people. In your online class, actually read the assignment, actually read your classmates’ posts, think and then post your response.

Maybe you don’t find the first post you read interesting. That’s okay. Just keep reading until you find one you can at least write something good back to.

Do your assignments early and on-time

This should be obvious. If you want to impress your professor then do your online class assignments on-time or even better –  early.

Use correct spelling and grammar

Do not type in an online class like you would text your girlfriends or boyfriends. This should also be pretty self-explanatory. You want your professor to respect you and your peers to understand you.

Be involved

Just because your professor doesn’t have face-to-face office hours doesn’t mean that you cannot get to know him or her. Message him or her in Blackboard. Ask questions. Force them to learn your name in a good way.

Be positive, courteous and attentive

No matter how badly a fellow classmate is instigating you keep it positive and be courteous. Even if they’re being a jerk maybe they bring up a valid point.

How do you make a good impression in your online class? Tell us in your comments below.