Online Student Problems – Get Help from Online Classes Helper

Online courses are great. Get Help from Online Classes Helper we are flexible, and we don’t require you to drive to campus and sit through a boring lecture.

With like any college class, online classes have their downfalls. For instance, many students would argue that online class professors require more work to be done to make up for students not having to watch lectures every week.

Here is a list of problems I have personally had with online classes.

1. Internet problems

You’re in the library because your roommate is being obnoxiously loud when you’re trying to take an online exam for 30 percent of your grade. The Internet has been working fine until you open Blackboard.

As soon as you hit open the time is running and every moment counts (especially if you didn’t study), but now, the Internet decides to freeze.

We’ve all been there. This is definitely the number one online student problem.

2. Long lines

Online classes are supposed to be online so why do you have to go to testing lab for a proctored exam? This makes no sense.

Okay, so you have to go to campus. That’s not that big of a deal… until you see the line is out the door because everyone on campus wanted to take their exam at the same time as you – last minute.

3. Too much talking writing

Discussion board posts – they suck! Not only does it require you to read all of your classmates boring posts but it also requires you to respond back.

The worst part is the professor requires about 50 of these posts per week. Ridiculous!

4. Long readings

Since online classes typically have no lectures to watch professors make up for this by assigning long readings in the book. Basically, they never have to teach and all you have to do is memorize and underline to save yourself for the cumulative exam at the end of the semester.

What are your problems with online classes? Tell us in your comments below.