The Ultimate Guide – Ways to Deal With Speaking Anxiety In Online Classes

This amazing blog will deal with speaking anxiety in online classes. Speaking anxiety is also termed stage fright, communication apprehension, and unwillingness to communicate.

Past research suggests that one out of five students experience speaking anxiety.

The innovative changes in the education system have offered us an online learning system. However, staying focused in an online class is a challenge.

Students are unable to maintain a balance between their academics and personal life. Besides that, home distractions can easily make you lose focus.

At the same time, some students need to deal with speaking anxiety in online classes. All these things make eLearning difficult for students.

No more worries now! Let’s learn how to overcome speaking anxiety during online learning?

Before moving to that, it’s important to know more about speaking anxiety.

What is Speaking Anxiety?

Students’ speaking anxiety is not something new. People have been struggling with their speaking abilities in front of others for centuries.

So, if you feel anxious about speaking in online classes? Don’t feel bad about yourself. However, in the 20th-century, experts started studying communication thoroughly. And they have described it using many terms like – stage fright, communication apprehension, and unwillingness to communicate.

Some more researches suggest that people feel anxious speaking in front of a boss or teacher. Moreover, many students cannot contribute to group discussions or deliver a presentation.


All these things make communication difficult for online students. Even for the traditional classroom students. So, how can you make online learning sessions more productive?

Scientists have researched public speaking abilities. Various factors involve in this, and the topmost among them is fear of rejection.

Besides that, a lack of confidence in the subject can change the level of anxiety during presentations. At the same time, internal thoughts and feelings might not match external behavior.

Overall it’s a tricky phenomenon, and take it positively. You can even take a professional online class help. Let’s explore the factors of students’ speaking anxiety during online learning.

What are Factors that Cause Speaking Anxiety in Online Learning the Students?

Are you speaking in front of the class? Anxiety can be broadly grouped into internal and external factors. We will discuss both here.


Internal Factors For Speaking Anxiety in Online Classes

Most of the internal factors are part of students’ personalities. The student may be good at the subject but can feel speaking anxiety because of:

  • Lack of Confidence: Now, that’s the nature of the student. Many students are not confident in presenting themselves during an online class. That leads to speaking anxiety.
  • Shyness: Some students feel shy while delivering a speech in an online class. That’s the part of their personality that doesn’t mean they don’t know the subject.
  • Fear of Making Mistakes: It’s a common factor for speaking anxiety. Students feel they are prone to make mistakes while presenting during online classes.
  • Feeling Insecure: Many students take time to adapt to the new learning system. That’s the reason they feel insecure in online classes.

External Factors For Speaking Anxiety in Online Classes

Usually, the external factors depend upon various things that cause speaking anxiety during online classes. Some of the most significant among these are:

  • Lack of Subject Knowledge: This is the prime external factor that can lead to speaking anxiety in online classes. The lack of subject concepts makes students feel anxious while delivering a presentation.
  • Limited Vocabulary: It may be possible that some students are good at the subject. But, a lack of vocabulary in which the learning is conducted can cause speaking anxiety.
  • New Digital Environment: As we said before, the latest learning system methods can make students insecure. However, with time they can adapt themselves to the online learning system.
  • Nature of Teacher: Some of the time, the nature of the teacher can also enhance speaking anxiety. Some tutors are very strict with their students. At the same time, tutors with empathy can make you a confident speaker.

Now you know the causes of speaking anxiety. Now it’s time to deal with speaking anxiety in online classes. It’s time to develop some essential skills that online students need to succeed.

Tips To Deal With Speaking Anxiety in Online Class

Dealing with speaking anxiety in online classes is possible. Public communication is always helpful for businesses, offices, government employees, and even online students. Below are some practical tips for dealing with speaking anxiety during online classes.


Prepare Agenda Ahead of Time:

If you send various prepared questions to discuss before your presentation can solve many things. Your online mates and tutor will know which topic you will speak about.

Utilize Signposts & Linking Statements:

It means keeping everyone on track. It’s crucial when you are going to have an online class meeting. This way, you can easily express yourself effectively.

Use Proper Language For Presentation:

Speaking in online classes is all about presenting your content. Students facing speaking anxiety must focus on their quality of content. Good speaking practices will help you overcome your oral delivery.

Avoid Needless Interaction:

While presenting yourself in online classes, avoid needless interaction. When you call for unnecessary interaction, it will distract you and your classmates. Just focus on your topic and deliver it properly.

Plan Each Event Separately:

Many students follow the general rule for each online meeting. That can create uncertainty and stress at some level. Try to plan each online session separately. This will help you to focus well while presenting yourself.

We hope the tips given above will reduce your speaking anxiety in online classes. It’s just a matter of time, and you will explore an excellent public speaker in yourself.

It’s Time To Conclude!

To deal with speaking anxiety in online classes is an ongoing process. It takes self-discipline, time management, and courage. Try to understand and recognize the new learning system. It will sort out half of the issues. Consider online learning help as your friend as it offers incredible learning benefits.

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