Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Online Classes

OnlineClassesHelper provided FAQs Regarding Online Classes.
Who does my online class for me? Is my identity confidential? has hired more than 100 online class experts from various areas of academics. We also provide a direct communication platform for you to be inconsistent in touch with the class taker. However, our online platform prevents you from sharing any personal details so that your identity remains confidential.

What are the refund guarantees if you fail to take my online class for me?

We have 100% refund guarantees for any student who comes to us and asks for online help with classes. There are certain conditions where you can seek a refund for your online program. Refunds are offered based on the overall grade of your class, not any specific submission. Hence, we can offer up to a 100% refund based on the case.

Do you take online classes for the entire coursework and offer discounts?

Why not? we can take as many online classes as you have to offer. Since we have no bandwidth issues with the online class expert availability, you can rely on us with more than one class at a time. Our guarantees stay intact for all your coursework under progress. You can expect a discount on a bulk order placed with us.

Can you take online classes for higher degree programs as well?

We can take your online coursework for any degree program. Since our professional experts are PhDs from the reputed universities across the US, you can entrust your coursework to them. All you need to do is to be in touch with the expert to ensure your submissions are on time and as per the expectations.

My system tracks my IP address, can you assign a class helper in my area to take my coursework?

Do not worry about the IP tracking. We have online class helpers based out in different locations across the states, the UK, and Australia. All you need to do is share your IP with us and we log in from the same IP to take your online classes for you. Professors or platform administrators will never ask you any question on the login. In case there are strict measures, you can always pass your class tests and assignments to us over email and get work done.

Is it illegal to do my online class for me?

This has been a subjective question open to discussion. There are instances where you ask an online class helper to login to your class and take an exam or test for you, school can deem it illegal and can detect it using advanced IP tracking software too. However, if you are in collaboration with an online class taker they will guide you and prepare you you take your online classes. Moreover, you can get sample answers to your classes and write your own.

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Find me a service provider who can take my online class? is one of the top online class takers in the USA with VPN support. Why don’t you explore the list of services and place your online class order with us?

Whom can I pay to take my online classes for me?

There are numerous online class takers, however, finding a reliable one has always been challenging. Hence, has made it easy by offering customized services to the clients towards online classes, online exams, midterms, end-term exams, and much more.

How can I pass my math class?

There are several ways to pass your online class. The first step is to go through all reading material and complete the practice exercise of your math class. In case, you have a limited understanding of a subject, hire someone to take your math class on You can find the best math expert who takes on your problems and help you understand the math subject.

Are you on reddit to help me with online class?

We being and established company for online class help doesn’t get leads from Reddit marketing. We believe that user find us on their own as our good work speaks for the quality we have. With more than 10,000 satisfied users with our online class help in last few years, students show interest in us without any additional marketing efforts.