Tips to Overcome Test Anxiety in College

Overcome test anxiety by preparing beforehand, studying smart, and getting your physical and mental health in order. Check out the post for full details.

Have you ever walked into an examination room and after the examiner walks in with the test papers you felt like your mind has completely switched off?  The next thing is that immediately, your body becomes soaked in sweat and your fingers can’t even hold the pen to write your name! This is called test anxiety in college.

Here are some well-thought tips to help you overcome test anxiety in college.

Prepare Well For the Test

Many students experience this feeling because they have not prepared well enough for the test. Most students start preparing for the test a week or days before the due date. Doing just a little bit of work – say 30-40 minutes a day – is much more efficient than cramming everything into one or two days. Test preparation should kick off immediately you enroll for the course.

Get Enough Sleep Before the Test

Pulling an all-nighter can work when on easy tests, but it’s less effective when the subject is hard. Getting a good night’s sleep the day before will help your brain remember what you learned studying for the test. Burning the midnight oil all just before the test just doesn’t work as much. Your mind needs to be fresh during the examination time so that the ideas can flow well. Overcome test anxiety in college by giving your brain a rest.

Take a Deep Breath and Relax

This is a simple but effective way of making your mind relaxed. Just before the test begins, your mind may be racing and nervous, resulting in test anxiety. Before starting the test, take three deep breaths to relax your test. During the inhale, count to seven. Hold your breath for four seconds. And exhale for eight seconds. You’ll remember that you’re in control of yourself, lower your heart rate, and gain confidence instantly.

Ignore the Student Next to You

Don’t be distracted by looking at others or thinking they’re more prepared than you. This creates room for test anxiety in college and makes it harder to transfer your knowledge to the exam. Instead, focus on the questions and start writing what you know. Paying attention to what others are doing will interfere with your ability to think and hurt your confidence.

Again, everyone has their own way of solving problems in the examination. You might know a different formula or method. so if you pay attention to the person sitting next to you, you might develop test anxiety if you notice they’re doing something different than you.

Study for the Test in Groups

Being a lone ranger while preparing for the test will not help you beat test anxiety in college. Learn to work in groups and you’ll be ahead of the pack. You’ll also end up spending less time studying because others will identify your mistakes faster and help you improve. Finally, the true test of understanding a college topic is if you can teach it to someone else.

Think Positively

Avoid negative thoughts in the exam room. Lack of confidence is a major factor in test anxiety in college and thinking positively is an easy hack. Negative thinking as you prepare for the test and during the test interferes with your mind, and you forget the points you had learned. Like they say, fake it ‘til you make it.

Exams are part of the learning process and failing in a test is not the end of the world. Instead, identify where you went wrong and focus to improve next time. Test anxiety in college is a real thing, but once you know you may get it, you have everything you need to overcome it.

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